Escape rooms are a great fun activity. They are filled with brain-teasing puzzles that will force you to exert pressure on the neurons. It will force you to think out of the box. An escape room will bring out the best in you by changing your perspective toward a problem. These days, escape rooms are getting popular among kids and adults equally because of the fun and personality enhancement.

Yes, you read it right. Escape rooms are a great way to personality enhancement. They force you to think of the solution to a problem from all perspectives. This will shape your mind and enhance your problem-solving skills by increasing your intellect. Thus, you will not only have a great time, but you will also get the advantage of increased brain power.

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Learn about your friends

Escape rooms are the best way to learn about the personality of your friends. You can learn about the character and personality of an individual only after you have worked with them or after spending a lot of time with them. When you do a group activity, then also you can get to learn a lot about your peers.

Escape rooms are the perfect way to analyze people. The escape rooms have many team-building activities, which require teamwork, leadership, communication skills, critical thinking, quick thinking, etc. thus, how someone reacts to a problem in an escape room will give you a lot of insight about the person.

How to analyze people in the escape room?

  • While some people may panic upon seeing the problem, others might start to console them or bring them back to their control. You can now judge both of them on their characteristics one of them is a weak man who panics at the sight of adversity while the other person uplifts others when they are at their weakest.
  • Building upon the same story, when no one is working as a team and everyone is trying to go solo, the one who brings all of them together and delegates minor tasks by breaking the whole issue into smaller pieces is a person with good leadership skills. He must delegate the tasks depending on his specialty of everyone.


Escape rooms are great team-building exercises. It is an accepted practice in the corporate world to take their employees to escape rooms.