Tequila is available by the shot, by the glass, or by the bottle. Tequila, a widely-used alcohol that is distilled in Mexico, is very popular around the globe. Tequila stands out from other spirits because of its distinctive flavor, strict rules, and fiery flair. This tequila guide will help you find your true north.

What Is Tequila?

Tequila, is a Mexican national drink, is made from the agave plant. Tequila is type of mezcal and is distinct from other types of alcohol because it is made from blue agave plants. Although it looks like a cactus, an agave plant belongs to the lily family.

Where Is Tequila Made?

The only places where authentic “tequila,” or the ingredients, can be grown are in the area surrounding Tequila in the northwest region of Guadalajara and the Jalisco Highlands of the state of Jalisco, in central western Mexico. Tequila bottles marked with ‘100% Weber Blue Agave’ are the finest tequilas you can buy. Tequila is available all over the globe.

How Is Tequila Made?

Certain regulations and guidelines must be met to use the term “tequila,” which is used on spirits made of blue agave. The Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT) has strict rules regarding all aspects of the production process.

The pies are then taken to a distillery and baked in an oven. They are then roasted in what is known as “horns,” a loose translation of the word “furnaces.” After roasting them, the pias are pressed to extract any liquid to make Tequila.

After the juices from pias have been removed and filtered, yeast recipes are used to make the juices. The juices then ferment. The fermentation process of yeast and sugars in the agave plants produces alcohol. At this stage, the distillation process begins. This stage is the end of any cloudy or colored tequila.

Tequila’s Present And Future

The Aztecs are believed to have invented “tequila,” the first known alcoholic beverage. To make a drink called “pulque,” the Aztecs used the sap from the agave plant. This was done between 1000 B.C. Between 1000 B.C. and 200 A.D., Mayahuel (a goddess) and Patecat (a deity) were loved by the Aztecs due to their connection to the milky liquid. They even venerated two gods as a result of this relationship.

The Spanish invaded Mexico in the 1500s and brought too little brandy. They were forced to adapt and eventually began fermenting agave instead of making brandy. In the middle of the 1500s, the Spanish government established a trade route between Mexico and the Philippines. In the early 1600s, The Cuervo family was responsible for creating modern Tequila. They began producing Tequila commercially in 1758. Tequila is now more popular than ever.

There Are Many Types Of Tequila

It is primarily determined by the time it took to mature the Tequila and how long it was aged. This is how each variety of Tequila gets its distinct flavor and hue. When purchasing Tequila, you must look for the seal. This seal indicates that the Tequila was made with only agave and no other ingredients.

  • Blanco is literally “White”
  • Tequila Anejo Reposado
  • Extra Aged Extra-Aged Tequila
  • Oro, “Gold” Tequila

How To Drink Liquor Tequila

People often consume tequila “neat,” meaning no mixers. In other parts of the globe, they usually serve it with a pre or post-drink chaser of lime juice and salt. Margaritas are another popular cocktail that includes Tequila as the main component.