To keep the entrance to the business thoroughly clean, secure, and presentably tidy, entrance mats are essential.

Choosing to have a personalized logo or company logo incorporated into your facility’s entrance mats is a great way to encourage customers to enter your place of business. As a result, custom logo mats are an affordable way to accomplish two crucial tasks: improving facility security and enhancing current marketing and advertising campaigns.

Although designing a custom logo mat is easy, there are some fundamental design and style considerations that must be made.

With a little planning, your business can start creating gorgeous logo mats that are clear, defined, and effective at connecting with facility visitors.

Layout Suggestions for Logo Mats:

1. Reduce Clutter: In general, the logo mat will be less effective the more design there is. For two reasons, simplicity is crucial. Simple designs are first sharper and much easier to read. Second, it’s crucial to realize that the pattern will be printed on a floor mat. The design, slogan, or emblem may only catch the attention of passing visitors for a brief period of time because they will be moving over the mat. Making a mat that effectively communicates your organization’s information requires choosing a simple logo or image and a color scheme that “pops.”

2. Choose the Proper Orientation: Prior to making a logo mat purchase, consider whether the design will be positioned in a landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) orientation. Consider first how the mat will be used in your facility before deciding on the logo’s orientation. If the mat will be placed across an entranceway horizontally, choose the landscape direction. If the custom logo mat is to extend vertically inside from an entranceway, choose a portrait orientation instead. Additionally, this will guarantee that the logo is presented in an upright and readable manner.

3. Look to Current Ads for Logo Inspiration: The style and design of your custom logo mat do not have to be constrained by a single slogan or dated company logo. Your new logo mats might be inspired by business cards, corporate websites, and other marketing materials.

4. Select Different Colors: In most cases, all colors must match the organization’s current color scheme. When you match logo mats to the color scheme of your company’s current logo, employee uniforms, or any other facility d├ęcor, you achieve a level of uniformity that makes it easier for customers to associate the logo on the mat with your business. Additionally, it’s crucial to choose contrasting hues that will make your logo stand out from the mat. If the logo or visual design uses dark colors, consider choosing a light background color. On the other hand, if the logo or design features a light color design, choose a dark background.

Initial impressions matter

Initial impressions have a lasting effect. Start using logo mats to create memorable first impressions! We can assist you in making stunning custom floor mats right away. Contact us to speak with a member of our sales staff, or go to Ultimate Matsto view our website!