According to different studies, the percentages of women who never orgasm via intercourse vary. Many women have no feeling in vagina. This syndrome, which is also known as “numb” vagina, has been driving the world of female sex crazy for over a century.

How to Spot Numb Parts within Your Vagina?

Take your time and work through the vaginal area, pointing at each point. Check if you feel any sensation.

It can be difficult for one person to reach every part of the vagina. You can ask for help or get help from someone.

Professional therapists who practice yoni can help you find areas of numbness around your vagina.

How to Map a Nub Vagina?

To treat a numb or swollen vagina, the first step is to identify which areas are affected.

It is enough to simply touch each of the points in the vagina. This will stimulate the brain to establish a better relationship with the nerves.

Let’s First Identify the Numb Regions

Remember that vaginal numbness is there for reason. Be gentle with you yourself and allow your body time to unwind. Instead of ignoring your body, you should be focusing on it. Usually, numbness is transformed into pain (which corresponds to the first level of de-armoring). If you remain present with the process, pain becomes pleasure.

1. Examine Your Sexual Programming

Most people are programmed with negative views of sexuality. Subconscious beliefs about sexual pleasure as a sin, sexual desire as dangerous or evil, or sexual pleasure being wrong can all lead us to shut down sexual sensation in our vaginas.

2. Review Your Sexual Habits

Have you held on to your inner child, your “inner” sex-sex personality, and sometimes force yourself to do what you didn’t want? Have you let partners infiltrate you before your body was ready? Did you use artificial lubricants to permit sex at times your body wasn’t ready for? Did you ever get abused, or even assaulted? Do you sometimes have sex only for the sake of peace? Any of these situations can lead to a dull vagina.

3. Spend Some Time Alone To Practice

Your sexuality begins and ends with you. Your sexual pleasure should be able to bring you closer to your inner self. It is possible to find deep healing by setting aside just half an hour each day or even an hour every other week to connect with yourself. You can do what you like at every moment. This isn’t a goal-oriented activity – you don’t need to try to experience any particular sensation or orgasm. Learn to explore your body and the various sexual pleasures it can provide.

4. Partner with Supportive Sexual Partners

A partner who is anxious, self-centered, or goal-oriented can make it difficult for you to have a happy relationship. It is important to choose a loving, gentle, sensitive partner who will listen and take the time you need.

5. Create a Supportive Environment

Make every sexual experience a sensory adventure. Burn incense, light candles, or spray wonderful scents on your sheets. Also, make sure to play upbeat music and arrange your room so that it looks beautiful. Your rational mind might tell you that it is a waste. But your subconscious mind will see the positive effects and feel that you are worthy of beautiful sensations.