Do you have a conviction for a drug crime? If you are facing criminal charges related to drug use, sales or possession, you will need the top best Nicewicz criminal defense attorney. Many people try to represent themself in these cases, as the legal process is complex. While you have the right to represent yourself, it’s not advised. People who lack the best representation risk being sent to jail, fined, or even having their property taken away. You can learn more about the role of a drug crime attorney if you find yourself in this situation.

1: Protect Your Rights

The law gives drug-related defendants in every case certain rights. These rights protect the right to a defense and keep the system fair. However, the legal system will make every effort to make sure that you fully understand them. It is the best and most effective way to protect yourself. Lawyer has extensive experience in drug arrests.

2: Avoid Employer Discrimination

The legal process can take a while when you are charged with a drug offense. It may not go as quickly as the TV shows, but it is still dramatic. Many people are subject to discrimination by their employers while facing these charges. They also face adverse treatment from the non-legal communities. Attorney Lopes does everything possible to help our clients deal with any civil problems that might arise as a result of the drug charges.

3: Explain Plea Deals

If there is no alternative, good criminal defense lawyers will not accept a plea deal. The Law Firm stands up for your rights and will remove evidence that is a result of government violations of your rights. This threat to the case of the government generally makes it more difficult for the prosecution to offer our clients the best plea deals.

Clients can decide whether they will accept the deal. Attorney Lopes, however, understands the implications of accepting a plea agreement. Although you can’t force your criminal attorney to agree to a plea deal, they can guide you through the process. An experienced attorney is a great help during this time. They can help you understand what the consequences are of taking a plea bargain, moving forward with a motion to suppress evidence, or taking your case before a judge.

Some people accept a plea deal to save their family from the stress and expense that comes with a trial. But many defendants do not realize how accepting a plea offer, no matter its attractiveness, can impact their future. Depending on the terms, the agreement could affect your freedom, earnings, financial stability, and ability to provide for your family. The best thing for you is an experienced attorney.

4 – Preparation For Possible Jail Time

Your attorney will work with your to help you prepare for mandatory prison time if you are facing a jail sentence for the crime that you have been charged with. Criminal defense attorneys work closely with their clients in order to help them find legal options for their families to retain any property that might be taken during incarceration. Most people convicted for drug-related offenses don’t realize the impact that incarceration will have on their families.

Drug crime lawyers do more than just look after their clients’ legal needs. The best lawyers care about their client’s long-term mental as well as physical health. Most people accused of drug crimes aren’t violent criminals. They have substance abuse problems. A great drug crime lawyer will help their clients find treatment programs and advocate for their recovery.