Nowadays investing in gold coins is considered as one of the easiest and simplest ways to get profit as it doesn’t need much knowledge and tactics to sell.  As there are many kinds of gold coins available on the market, here we are going to help you choose the right one to invest.

Where to get the perfect good quality gold coins?

If you are thinking of investing in gold coins, then the first step is to get the fine gold coins. For this Kalita Gold is the best choice that you can make. With the availability of varieties of pièces d’investissement it invites its client to invest in the gold coins. Here you can buy the coins from different places like the USA, Australia, and Africa.

How to choose the right one?

Before buying coins, you need to focus on certain things about the coins to get the perfect one for the investment. So here are certain facts about the coins to look for:

  • Pick the coin with a purity of about 22k. Some of the investors go for 24k however, getting high purity gold coins is not a good idea as it seems as higher the purity, the less will be the composition of alloys like copper, which reduces the durability of the metal.
  • Choose coins with good availability, as you might have problems with selling the rare gold coins on the market.
  • Try to get the coin with an attractive, and aesthetic look to attract and get the attention even more.
  • Also, look after the place of its minting, try to choose coins with good and rich minting places so that you will get good quality products as well as will be easier to sell.
  • Check the popularity and demand of the coin on the market before buying it.

Popular bullion gold coins to consider

Among all the available gold coins let’s discuss some of the famous gold coins that have their special places in the investing world. So, here are the gold coins:

  • American Eagle Coin: it is among the most trustable gold coins as it government-issued bullion coin whose purity is guaranteed by the United Government itself. Also, it has high liquidity and low premium.
  • South African Krugerrand Gold Coins: it is the most minted gold coin among all others. Also due to its well-known design, it’s quite easier to get buyers to sell. It is also available in different sizes starting from 1 Troy ounce to 1/10 Troy ounce, making it affordable for small investors who can’t go on a high budget.
  • Australian kangaroo gold coins: it is a top choice for most Asian investors and is also known as the Australian gold nugget. It is of 24k which makes it more vulnerable to damages. It is sold with less premium as compared to the American one.
  • Canadian maple leaf gold coins: it is popular as the first first-ever minted 24k gold coins. However, due to purity it has less durability, but has a lower premium, which makes it quite demanding over the US gold coins.


Investing in bullion coins is a wise decision as they can be sold anytime without getting any loss. Hence, it is a stable way to make a good amount by investing in it.