With the law for same-sex couples to get married passed in 2015 in the United States, there have been a growing amount of same-sex couples all over the country. However, while many people are usually happy to see their loved ones get hitched, it is very sad when the opposite happens. Unfortunately, gay couples also go through a divorce. In this case, a gay divorce lawyer in DC can help them sort out their divorce process to help each party experience a hassle-free marital dissolution.

The importance of a gay divorce lawyer

1). Experience

A gay divorce lawyer is experienced in the area of family law. This means that they will usually help the divorcing parties sort out all aspects of their divorce.

2). Legal jurisdiction

A divorce lawyer has the legal authority and power to help any divorcing couple do many things which they will be unable to do on their own. The creation of divorce papers, filing of such cases, defending each couple’s rights, and so on.

3). Wide area of practice

A divorce lawyer is generally seen as an expert in family laws and many other parts of the subject matter. Divorce is a condition that usually cuts through various competencies and areas of specialization. Hence, this means that you need to get a versatile lawyer to help you navigate through the process of your divorce like a professional.

The reasons for divorce with gay couples

Just like any marriage involving heterosexuals, gay couples also have marital problems of their own. Interestingly, gay couples also file for a divorce based on similar reasons as their straight counterparts. The following reasons are usually responsible for breaking up gay marriages.

1). Adultery: In this case, one of the partners might have been caught in the act of infidelity. In this case, the couples are usually counselled to help them manage the crisis. However, if it is unable to be resolved, the marriage would be recommended for dissolution.

2). Abandonment: Another scenario where a gay marriage could be dissolved is in the case of abandonment. If one of the couples discovers that the other couple abandoned them in their time of need, they could decide to divorce the other partner. This usually happens repeatedly before they call it quits.

3). Criminal conviction: Just like normal couples, gay couples can also decide to get a divorce if they know that their partners have been convicted by a competent court. This type of reason for divorce is usually irreconcilable since most partners will not want to spend the rest of their lives with ex-convicts or felons.

4). Emotional abuse: Just like normal marriages, gay couples are very susceptible to emotional abuse with their marriages. Gay couples usually tend to face more emotional abuse due to their situation. In this case, they could get some counselling, however, if the emotional abuse escalates into domestic violence, they are usually advised to get a divorce to prevent the loss of any of the couple.

5). Domestic violence: Gay marriages usually have cases of domestic violence. Sometimes, due to the sensitive nature of their situation, it could become very dangerous and potentially life-threatening as emotions run very high. The gay couple will be counselled if they are reported. If the situation escalates and persists, they are usually advised to dissolve the marriage.

6). Abusive conduct: This is up there with the previous examples and it is very rife among gay couples. Abusive conduct is usually the reason many gay couples will have emotional abuse. This can sometimes escalate to persistent domestic abuse. If this happens, the marriage could be headed for the rocks.