In general, insurance is a bit complicated thing to understand, and that is the reason often there is confusion particularly when you try to make any claim. Often you may struggle to understand what are the differences between any regular private car insurance and motor trade insurance.

Let us, therefore, try to understand what this motor trade insurance really is. It is the term used for a few groups of insurance policies, which can provide cover to those people who are working in various motor trade e.g.

  • Motor traders and mobile mechanics
  • Valets
  • Vehicle recovery agents
  • Tire fitters
  • MOT centers
  • Crash repair and body shops

All the above businesses may face different risks that will mean that motor trade insurance policy must be tailored to cover specific needs for each.

This insurance will cover businesses to work on or drive the vehicles of their customers and vehicles that the company owns. Such cover may also extend to the business owner, few members of any team, all those who are working for the business.

Sometimes even if you are not driving the car of your customer, still you will need a certain form of such motor trade insurance to protect you from accidental damages or any other risks that can arise from the work.

Truly Insurance can help to guide you in taking proper motor trade insurance based out of Kansas City, Missouri.

Restrictions for motor trade insurance 

As such many traders will not find any issue while obtaining such a motor trade policy, however, for a few traders there may be certain restrictions while getting such Motor Trade insurance. The following are a few issues that may restrict any traders to obtain such policy:

Motor traders having criminal convictions

  • Age restrictions
  • Occupational restrictions
  • Residential restrictions
  • Driving license requirements
  • Hobbyists will not be eligible

Pros and cons of motor trade insurance

The following are a few pros and cons of this motor trade insurance:


  1. Online features

If you are one who wants to do all your business online then this type of insurance can offer you a great option. You can make all payments of your bills and also review your policy online.

  1. Positive customer experience

In terms of their attentiveness to their various agents, you will find very positive reviews. Especially, they are quite useful in certain highly stressful situations. Also, the agents of such insurance are very helpful while filing a claim.

  1. Payment options

You can have several options for making any payments. Some of them are:

  • Recurring EFT
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Online


  1. Poor claims service

To file a claim for such insurance is a little tedious process that often discourages people to consider taking such insurance. Most poor reviews generally come from those drivers who faced an accident with any other Traders insured driver.

However, such difficulties in getting your payout for any accident generally happens with all kinds of insurance companies as accident claims are always a complicated process.

This type of insurance will be ideal for drivers who are driving other’s vehicles because such insurance offers packages at affordable prices to various drivers who are young and take high risks.