Concept testing is a process to evaluate any concept that can either be an ad campaign or a product. The testing shows how well it will be received by your consumers before it reaches to market. There are several methods to perform concept testing in the business. One of the commonest techniques is to do it using a common technique called surveys.

In this guide, we will tell you simple steps to design a concept testing survey.

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What Is The Importance Of Concept Testing?

Concept testing is done to help a company in the following ways such as:

  • Avoid investing in ideas that would not be successful
  • Equip you with all the data to verify that your idea is great

A professional, and well-developed concept testing strategy will help you save money in your business.

Types Of Methods To Do Concept Testing:

  • Logo testing

Choose a logo that makes your product stands out on the shelves.

  • Ad testing

Make sure that your project advertising campaign is on target before the launch.

Simple steps for designing a concept testing survey

Here are the simple steps using which you can easily design a concept testing survey.

  • Set up your stimuli

A concept test is about its stimuli. A Stimuli falls into the below-mentioned three buckets as:

  • Text (Messaging, names and ad copy, etc.)
  • Images/GIFs (Ads, logos, and packaging.)
  • Video (television, social media ads, Internet, etc.)

A business should present its stimuli consistently and neatly. It should look professional in that way.  Take every precaution for avoiding biasing your respondents.

Choose the right metrics

The next important step in designing a survey for concept testing is to select the right metrics. Stimuli form the basic building blocks of any concept test, however, the questions asked in the stimuli are very important. The questions asked will be driven by the metrics. It is the criteria your survey respondents may use for judging your stimuli.

It is very important to set a goal as the metrics of the concept test depend solely on it. A good metric would be the one that has the buying intent, uniqueness, sentiment, and relevance. Ask about visibility, the convenience of finding, uniqueness, and aesthetics in the survey.

Turn the metrics into queries

Use a 5 point “Like scale” that assesses the opinion of consumers about the product. This technique will make it easier for a researcher to turn their desired metrics into beneficial concept testing questions.

Build your concept testing survey

After that, you have decided on the goal, and you have the right stimuli, and turned your metrics into beneficial survey questions, it is time to build your concept testing survey.


Concept testing is implemented in several forms – from ads, potential names for company/product or product concepts. The procedure to test things on target audience assists the team to figure out what works and what doesn’t work before you decide to move forward. Rearrange all the above steps to form a consistent survey design.