Even after creating awareness about hemp CBD, many people are still afraid of using it. The main reason behind this is lack of awareness about the Marijuana and hemp plants. In simple words, many people don’t know how marijuana is different from hemp. Some of the misconceptions about CBD

  • It causes severe side-effects. It can be very harmful for health.
  • If you take CBD regularly, you will get addicted to it. It is a dangerous drug.
  • It can make a person high with its high THC content.
  • CBD is not at all affordable.
  • Use CBD with other health supplements for better results
  • CBD doesn’t show any kind of interactions with any drug.

Remember that, there is no truth in the above statements. CBD causes mild side-effects, that too when used at very high dosages. Hence, you need not really have to worry about it. Use the dosage that is suggested by your physician to experience its benefits. CBD which I am speaking about here is hemp CBD. Hemp plants don’t contain THC at high percentage, unlike the Marijuana plants. Hence, CBD derived from the hemp plants is safe for consumption.

You can consume CBD in different ways. Some of them include CBD oil, CBD ositos de gominola, CBD tinctures, CBD capsules etc. When shopping for these products online you should be very careful. The reason behind this is there are some manufacturers who sell cheap quality products. Using such cheap quality products can result in several side-effects. Many people unknowingly use such products and end up experiencing several side-effects. When you use quality CBD at right dosage you will not face any side-effects.


  • THC is a psychoactive compound. CBD is not a psychoactive compound.
  • THC products are not legal to use in many countries. Whereas the THC free products are legal to use in most of the countries
  • THC causes several side-effects. CBD causes only mild side-effects when taken in high doses.

Discuss with your doctor about your health condition, age, weight and height to know how much dosage you should use every day. CBD will definitely take some time to show results on your health i.e. if you are using it for weight loss etc. You should have patience and use it regularly without fail to see good changes in your health condition. If you are looking for pain relief then use the CBD vaping oil. No doubt, you will experience pain relief within 10mins to 15mins when you use vaping oil.

If you are using CBD for sleep problem then you can try the CBD edibles or CBD tinctures or CBD bath bombs. When you use CBD edibles or tinctures regularly, you will observe good improvement in your sleep duration. You will start experiencing the results from day 1 itself when using CBD for sleep problem. You can also use the bath bombs if you are looking for some relaxation.

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