There are few moments where the anxiety level of a person may go very high and as a result, they cannot really perform well. Some of the situations are:

  • Just before making an important speech before public
  • Before taking any important decision
  • Fear of flying on airplane

In this article, we shall take up especially the case of nervousness before flying and whether CBD can help in reducing such fear.

When people become nervous before flying then some of the symptoms can always show up which indicates their anxieties. Some of them are:

  • Heartbeat racing
  • Short of breadth
  • Chest getting tight
  • Unable to speak
  • Palms sweating
  • Facial expressions get changed

Sometimes people think that by flying couple of times this fear will automatically go away, however for few people it does not happen so. Those who does not have any fear for flying often mock such people who are afraid to fly.

However, this fear before the flying can be real and no logic can convince such people. If you are also one among them then you are not the only one suffering from such syndrome.

Few researchers have found that cbd oil uk amazon which may be available in your neighborhood can be effective in removing such fear.

Usually, if you try to find the cause of such fear then there are no any specific reasons available for such fear. However, for few people, it may be because of any past incident that must have happened in their life which may trigger a fear.

Whatever may be the reason of such fear, but the person may feel totally helpless to get out of such fear of flying.

Few medications are available that is often prescribed to get rid of such fear but these medicines can have certain side effects too. Besides, they can cause addiction too.

Some people also try to meditate before flying so that they can control upon their fear but it also has very limited effect to control on fear. However, allopathic medicine should never be taken for such problem.

Can CBD help?

Researchers have found that a number of health problems can be cured with CBD including anxiety. CBD can soothe our nerves and help reducing our anxiety as well as nausea.

So, many people have now started using CBD to get rid of their anxiety before flying. This is considered to be much safe as compared to medications and also it does not produce any kind of side effects too.

After doing many years of studies, medical researchers have found that CBD can be very effective to reduce the feeling of anxiety. As a matter of fact, CBD has been quite effective for many different kinds of anxiety disorders e.g.

  • General anxiety disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In certain study, researchers tried with 24 people who were suffering from different social anxiety disorders.

They were given CBD of 600 mg or a placebo just before performing public speaking test. Those who took CBD had experienced very less memory loss, discomfort and anxiety during their speech performance as compared to those who were offered placebo.