Music is an art form that entertains people. It includes playing a musical instrument or voices. If you are into making any kind of music and don’t release it online then you are missing on potential exposure and royalties. Sell your music online to build an independent career as an artist.

You may be wondering how do I get my music on Spotify without record label. Needing a record label to release a music album for distribution is a task of the past. Fortunately, unsigned artists don’t need the support of record label in this digital era to upload music to iTunes or Spotify or Apple Music or other popular music stores. Even new artists can release their songs through independent digital music distributor. They are also popular as music aggregator.

Find an online music distributor

MusicDigi is an independent digital music distribution service that plays the role of a medium for unsigned music producers and the popular streaming services & music stores on the internet. Bands and singers just need to upload their albums, EPs, and singles. Pay a tiny annual charge of $39.99 and get their tracks live on the most popular platforms. With a single annual payment, you can upload unlimited albums and songs in a year and get it released on more than 150 streaming services and music stores.

Prep your track before uploading

Ensure to have your tracks ready for release. Your music version has to be of high quality. The online music platforms accept MP3 and WVA files, so ensure the format is correct. Alongside the album, you will need to upload an artwork with size of 2400×2400 pixels. Get creative about the artwork because it will attract potential listeners to listen to your new album. The first impression always counts!

Consider license

If the music is your creation then there is no concern about licensing. Upload the track on MusicDigi and set a release date, so simple! However, if you recorded a remix or a cover song or a track using other songs or samples then there will be a need to get a license. Mechanical and Master Use License for worldwide distribution is necessary if samples are used. License can be purchased from different online companies, so do your groundwork and find a relevant one for your release.

Strategize your release

Effective and well-planned strategy can boost stream numbers, exposure, and downloads. Before the release date start promoting your track. Never release your song without any promotion and keep your fingers crossed. Many independent artists find it hard to hire PR Company or radio plugger for marketing and airplay their release. You can do it on your own for free in this digital era.

Social media is the best tool. Unsigned artists can use social channels like Instagram, Facebook, and twitter as a promotional platform. Ensure to consistently post interesting and relevant content, respond to fans and keep them updated about your latest release. DIY promotion is hard work but your persistence and patience will soon reward you. You can approach journalists, create press release, and even contact bloggers. The aim here is to create a buzz! You can play several gigs to attract new fans but make sure to offer great music.

On MusicDigi, you get Spotify Windowing an awesome release in advance feature. Before you get your music on Spotify released for everyone, the premium Spotify users get to listen 2 weeks in advance. The feature is free for every MusicDigi members. Besides, you don’t need to get concerned about the ISRC & UPC codes because your release gets automatically assigned with the codes for free.

You can choose the music stores to release your music, even if you want to put your music on TikTok and select it in the checkbox, while uploading the music on MusicDigi. On iTunes, preorders for your release are made accessible to fans. They can get a couple of tracks instantly on preorder. On iTunes, price tier is available but majority of stores determine the price your track gets listed as. As a default setting, MusicDigi makes use of mid pricing.

MusicDigi offers you a platform to get your track exposed worldwide on the biggest streaming services and stores to build a solid fan base as well as earn income….on your terms!