Cannabidiol or CBD is one natural compound out of those 100 others found in the cannabis sativa plant. The kind of benefits it has been showing till now are amazing. Not only does it help to deal with anxiety, depression and pain, but also solves many skin related problems too. So, people have started using CBD in the form of oil, masks, creams, serums to sort acne breakouts, sensitivity, ageing & wrinkles, allergy and many more skin related issues.

Out of all these skin problems, one major problem is that of acne breakout that every individual must have faced once in their life. If not treated on time, it will stay for life. However, what causes acne? Actually, our skin naturally creates an oily and waxy substance called sebum.

It is the one which protects our skin from outside environment, but dead skin, dirt and other pollutants get mixed with this sebum and get trapped inside the pore. These pores then result into acne. There are other factors too for acne outbreaks like hormonal imbalance, stress level and other medications.

How Does CBD help to Solve Acne?

According to some recent study, it was found that CBD prevents the cells from creating too much of oil. On the other hand, it also has an anti-inflammatory property which reacts with the cells too, thus preventing inflammatory cytokines from activating. Cytokines are the ones which trigger acne, so making them inactive will itself reduce acne too.

 How to Use CBD on skin?

  • CBD can be used on your skin in various forms. CBD oil is one important ingredient which can be mixed with any other carrier oils like coconut oil, olive oil etc. and can be applied on the skin. These oils are also mixed in the creams, serums etc which gives a healthier skin.
  • CBD face masks are very popular nowadays. They give a relaxed feeling by providing a calming effect and soothing the skin. It also keeps your skin hydrated and makes it look healthier. If you wish to buy these face masks, Alleur is one such brand which are into manufacturing of various CBD cosmetic products.

Their night masks are very popular one which work effectively by locking in all the skin-saving ingredient as you sleep, thus giving you a fresh renewed skin once you wake up in the morning.

  • CBD can also be taken orally. Its anti-inflammatory property works well once they enter your body, thus reducing the redness kind of acne and other kind of skin related issues like sensitivity and allergy.

All we want to tell you is that, CBD is a product which is very helpful with less side effects (and that too which are very rare). It also doesn’t cause any psychoactive effect on the person who uses it (just like its cousin THC tetrahydrocannabinol does). However, one precautionary measure that people should take is checking the ingredients mentioned in the product list. This is to avoid any kind of irritations or allergy from other chemical compounds which might be mixed with these products. It is always better to take your physicians advice before trying any product.