Replacing of your home’s roof may often be necessary, if the condition of your roof has deteriorated too much and also you are facing roof leaking during rainy season. With proper roof replacement, not only you can give a facelift of your sweet home, but also live peacefully during adverse climatic conditions.

However, before you really take up your roof replacement project, you need to prepare your home suitably, so that roofing workers can work comfortably and at the same time your family remains safe and protected

You must contact any professional roofing company like City2Surf Roofing, who is very well-known expert in taking up such roof replacement projects in the Sydney. Following are few important tips to prepare you before the roof replacement project starts.

Do your proper planning

During roof replacement, your home will be disturbed and therefore you must plan well and prefer to shift your family to some safe place.

Consider safety about your kids and pets

If you plan to stay put then make sure that your young kids and pets are taken to some safe place, as they will be very excited.

Provide way to roofing workers

There should not be any obstructions in the movement of the workforce as they should have clear path to move around while work is in process.

Relocate your vehicles

Park all your vehicles in safer place so that all the debris and other roofing materials may not fall upon them and damage your vehicle.

Remove wall decorations

Inside the home, also you need to rearrange all delicate items like wall decoration so that due to vibration they may not get damaged.

Cover all belongings lying on the attic

There will be many items lying in your attic, perhaps you may not able to move them anywhere. However, you can cover them so that it remains protected from dust/debris.

Move grills and all patio furniture out of the work zone

If there are any patio furniture or grills lying in your patio then it will be better to relocate them to some safer place so that they remain out of work zone.

Prune all trees and also cut grass before starting work

Prune all the extra tree branches and also cut the grass of your lawn before undertaking the work.

Identify all the accessible power outlets

Try to identify all the live power outlets around the work area and try to either insulate them or switch off the MCB of that area.

Remove TV antennas/satellite dishes

On your roof, if there is any TV antenna or any satellite dish installed then remove them before the work starts and store them at safe place.

Inform your neighbours

During the work in process, your neighbours too will remain disturbed and hence you must inform them in advance.

Keep an eye on your surroundings while work in process

It is important that, you must be watchful about your surrounding while the roofing replacement work is in progress.