Do people suspect that you are not the mother of your children just because they don’t look like you? Not anymore! You might be the heir of your long-lost mother’s property but you need to prove it in the court. What is the proof that you are the child? The solution to both problems is to get a DNA test.

maternity test helps you to prove to your mother and child relationship. Just like the paternity test, the samples of DNA from the alleged mother and the child are taken and tested to find out the required results. A child has 50% of DNA from his mother and 50% from his father. You can also test by using samples from your mother’s siblings and parents.

Where to get a maternal DNA test? At paternity USA you can get a maternity test at home. Their tests are accurate and reliable. The process is also very simple and you don’t have to step out of your home.

You just need to order the maternal DNA test kit from the website and post-delivery, your sample will be picked up from your home. The testing will be done and the results will be sent to you via email and a hard copy via mail. To order your test online, visit:

What is a maternity DNA test and how is it done?

A maternity DNA test is done by certified laboratories in a legal and non-legal way. A legal maternity test is one that can be used as legal evidence. During this test, all the processes will be documented to find and all the parties will be photographed. A non-legal test will not require such formalities as it is for personal use, just to find your biological mother.

It is a laboratory test that uses the genetic material of both parties to analyze the likelihood of the material. If she is your biological mother and you possess her genes, the probability of getting a positive result is more than 99.9%.

It is not advantageous to include the biological father in a DNA testing mother’s side while it is advantageous to include the biological mother during a paternity test.

How much does it cost?

You might be thinking that maternity DNA test cost will empty your pockets. That’s not true in some cases. At paternity USA, the tests are affordable and cheaper than the other laboratories. It charges $115 for a maternity test. Don’t worry, only the price is cheaper, that’s why it is labeled as one of the best laboratories in the USA.

Reasons for getting a maternity test:

There are many reasons why people get maternity tests. Some of them are as follows:

  • Surrogacy
  • Immigration
  • Hospital baby switches
  • Reunification after adoption
  • Native American tribal membership
  • International adoption

In such cases, you might require legal evidence that the child and the alleged mother are biologically related to each other. To avoid fraud and illegal activities, such tests are to be performed as proof.

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