With ever-increasing PPC advertising, Google Ads management plays a vital role in the era of eCommerce sites. Before let’s get started with Ads management, you need to follow some of the best practices which require time and dedication.

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Tips for creating Google Ads account structure

Before jumping into starting your first ad campaign with Google, you should know more about Google account structure.  The account structure in Google Advertisement will let you know keywords, ad groups, and campaigns.

Research strategies of PPC competitors

Once you have reviewed the account structure of Google, you need to look out of the Google Advertising platform. You need to research a lot about your competitors and create a killer research strategy.  Without researching your PPC competitors, you should not land on the ad campaigns. By doing so, you will lose your leads, sales, and strategy.

  • You need to get a paid tool to review your competitor’s strategy.
  • Simply enter relevant keywords to know what ads appear

Refine your audience and keyword targeting

Refining target audience and keywords are the most prominent steps in launching an Ad campaign. After launching the Google Advertisement campaign, your team will collect data based on the keywords and targeting audience.

Further, you need to know the interests, demographics, and behaviors of your audience so that you will know what drives the highest clicks.

How to Optimize Your Ad Campaign

Before launching your Ad, testing and optimization are essential. Let’s see how to optimize your Ad campaign effectively.

  • Ad Targeting

Creating a genuine Advertisement that targets your audience matters the most. If your ads fail to meet the target audience, then it is even difficult to retain old customers. First, try to know what relevant keywords your visitors are searching for. Secondly, browse other factors such as location, device, and interest of your visitors.

  • Ad Copy

A perfectly designed Ad can easily attract its audience. Even if your ads are gaining the target audience, the search engine will ignore them if it falls under Ad copy.

It requires dedication and patience to create an Ad without any copywriting issues. Also, you need to test every ad thoroughly before it goes live.

  • Landing Pages

As soon as your visitor clicks your ad, the landing page invites them into either lead or sales page. The performance of landing pages depends upon the performance of Ad copywriting and targeting factors. First, you need to focus on creating a target audience and relevant keywords that attract them.


Google Ads Management is challenging as it requires extra care and attention from your PPC team. However, if you follow the above optimization practices, you can easily create an ad like a pro.