Gas turbines are very important machines in the power sector. They are responsible to deal with natural gases that are the second heavily used energy source in the US. An improper turbine can cause a disaster in the energy plant. Due to this importance of the turbines, it is required to examine them regularly and ensure their optimal operation.

The borescope is a very important device that helps in the effective and precise inspection of the gas turbine. In this article, we will learn more about this device and its importance.

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What makes the borescope ideal for the inspection of the gas turbine?

Gas turbines function at high temperatures of around 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This implies inspection of the gas turbine is a difficult task in the industrial and manufacturing process.

Testing the machine at such increasingly high temperatures threaten everyone’s safety in the area. Also, a failure in as turbine results in a power outage in the residential and industrial sector that can prove to be risky to you as well as your employees.

This makes it necessary that you should use the safest method for the inspection of the gas turbines. The high-quality borescope is a highly safe and convenient method for inspection of the gas turbines.

What Is A Borescope?

A borescope is an optical device that is used to see the areas of the gas turbine that are not possible to see by naked eyes. This device comprises an objective eyepiece, and lens that are connected with the help of an optical relay unit. It also as a lighting system, rod lens, fiber optic image guide, relay lens, and a CMOS camera.

All these devices are available with rigid and flexible length choices. The eyepiece reveals an exaggerated picture to the viewer. It makes it possible to see inner parts of the machines without causing any damage to them. In this way, it saves a lot of inspection time.

What does Borescope inspection involve?

This inspection involves the use of a borescope camera that provides visual inspections in the rotor. This is the place where humans can’t physically reach. Borescope devices are designed to be less invasive as compared to other types of inspection, and maintenance products. They are also very energy and time-efficient.

When these devices reach the rotor of the turbine, they look for any type of abnormalities. If they find any, they adjust them.  The device ensures proper inspection of the turbine, which will have an inefficient and ineffective unit that results in expensive issues.


If the gas turbine remains out of service for a few weeks, it can lead to all types of issues related to energy, financial, and production. The borescope is observed to be a very efficient, and powerful way to detect and resolve issues in the turbine without causing any damage to it. It also ensures the safety of each worker who is using it at the work premises.

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