Due to their specialized tasks, often the charges of plumbing contractors can vary widely for certain tasks. Many plumbers also provide emergency services, but such plumbers may not work for installation type of work.

Often plumbers who are meant for installation work will need advance notice of anything between few weeks to months depending upon their busy schedule.

Therefore, when you try to hire a plumber in Sydney for your any specific job, following are few general questions that you need to ask them before you hire them for your work.

  1. Are you licensed and insured?

Begin your discussion with this question to every plumber and if their answer is ‘No’ then prefer not to hire them. Any unlicensed plumber may lure you with lower service charges, but they will end up costlier option later.

2.  Can you give any reference?

Always ask for reference, so that you can get details about his past work and professionalism, that is very essential for any quality plumbing job. Don’t hire if the quality of work or conduct is not good.

3.  What is your service fee?

Usually an experienced plumber may charge a bit higher, but it will provide better value for your money rather than going for any cheap service provider.

However, ensure that the plumber’s fee is as per the market rate.

4.  Is there any hidden coast?

Often many plumbing companies may offer you the written quotation about their service charges, but later they may produce a fat bill and include many other charges that were never discussed before. Be careful about that from the beginning.

5.  What is your response time?

Often you may need to call any plumber to offer certain emergency service, where you will expect the plumber to arrive as soon as possible. Therefore, it is essential to know about their response time before hand while considering.

6.  Do you offer 24X7 service?

Plumbing related problem can occur almost any hour during the day and usually plumber services are very difficult to get during odd hours. Therefore, if you are discussing with a plumbing company, then this question is quite relevant.

7.  Do you ask for upfront money?

There are few plumbers who often ask for upfront money before starting the work. Prefer not to hire such plumbers if they ask for 100% payment in advance. You may negotiate for certain percentage of the charges.

8.  Who will be actually performing the task?

If you are dealing with any plumbing company, then it is important to know about the plumber who will actually perform the task and try to obtain every detail about the plumber.

9.  Will you clean up after the work?

After the plumbing work, generally lots of mess is developed and few plumbers are ready to clean the mess without charging extra. However, few insist for additional payment for cleaning the mess.

10.  Do you offer any warranty /guarantee?

Every work must be backed by certain warranty or guarantee. Therefore, it will be good to ask every plumber with whom you discuss.