Driving comes in handy in a number of situations. The sense of freedom driving offers is another huge reason teen can’t wait to turn 16 to learn driving. The importance of learning the correct way to drive whilst following road rules can’t be stressed enough. Your family members may be willing to teach you to drive, but no training come close to formal driving classes.

Importance of driving classes:

Cars are complex and it’s going to take an experienced person to teach you all the nuances of driving. To stay away from bad driving habits, enrol with a driving school in your area. If you are looking for driving schools in Australia, contact Pass First Go. They are the leading driving school in the country with a high pass rate. Download their online app to make a booking.

Why are manual cars preferred over automatic ones?

Though the majority of cars in Australia are automatic transmission, many still prefer to take up driving classes in manual transmission cars since they find it to be more beneficial.

  • Manual cars are like the norm in many overseas countries which makes it a flexible option
  • It is easier to switch to automatic cars after learning to drive manual cars.
  • Manual cars are also cheaper to buy due to the absence of automation system.
  • The cost for service is also low with manual cars as there is less work involved and it is easier to change components which make manual cars cheaper in the long run.
  • Having the knowledge to drive manual cars makes you stand out in a country where most of the cars are automatic transmission ones.

Benefits of manual driving lessons:

  • Avoid damaging your car:  Manual cars require careful operation. Switching your gears in an improper way affect the lifespan of your car’s gearbox.  A driving instructor will teach you the right way to use controls so that you don’t accidentally damage the car.
  • Increased confidence: Driving manual cars required increased attentiveness. You’ll have to pay attention to gears, smoothly apply clutch whilst keeping your eyes on the road. Multi-tasking and remaining alert to surrounding hazards leaves drivers with more confidence and personal satisfaction.
  • Full unrestricted license: In many states you won’t be allowed to drive a manual car if you hold a license for automatic cars. If you want access to both manual and automatic cars, you’ll need to hold a license for manual cars.
  • Driving instructors are better teachers: Though parents are experienced drivers, driving instructors are experienced in dealing with teaching newbies to drive. They are aware of easy driving techniques that are more comprehensible and help you with new skills.
  • Good driving habits: Driving trainers have advanced driving skills and they pass on that information to you effectively. They’ll teach you good driving habits that are bound to keep you safe.
  • Better preparation for driving test: You are required to pass a driving test in order to secure your driving license and driving instructors will help you in clearing the test in first attempt.

Safe driving is the need of the hour and driving instructors makes better teachers. Learn to drive the safe way by taking professional affordable driving lessons.