We need to light up every room of our home, so that we can comfortably see everything present in the room clearly during dark hours. However, before you decide to choose your lights and its fixture, you must know few things about both.

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Three important light parameters

Before, you choose your light, you must know about following 3 parameters of lights.

   1. Illuminance

Illuminance is measure of amount of incident light, which can illuminate your surface, and can be used for describing brightness of light, which everybody is most concerned about.

   2. Color temperature

Usually, color temperature is expressed in kelvins, which is standard measurement about the light’s appearance that we generally refer as “warm” or “cool” appearance of the light.

   3. Color rendering index

This is quantitative measure about the ability of your light source to tell colors of all objects faithfully.

Types of lights

Following are few different types of light that you must be aware of while buying them.

   1. Incandescent

This light bulb is a source of light with tungsten wire that is heated to a high temperature, so that it glows to generate visible light.

   2. Halogen

Also known as tungsten halogen/quartz-halogen, which is type of incandescent light that uses halogen gas for increasing light output and its rated life.

   3. Fluorescent

This is also known as low-pressure mercury lamp, that will use fluorescence for producing visible light.

   4. Energy-saving light

Energy-saving light is also known as compact fluorescent light, which is fluorescent lamp designed for replacing any incandescent light bulb. Like other fluorescent lighting, its principle of operation is the same.

   5. LED light

LED light is also another electric light which produces light using either one or more than one light-emitting diodes.  It will come immediately to full brightness without any warm-up delay.

Activities that you will do in the room

All your rooms like living room, bed room, kitchen room and bathroom has their specific purpose in the home. Therefore, while choosing both your lights and fixtures you must know about the activities that you will do in that particular area. 

Weight of your fixture 

If you are trying to replace your existing light fixture then make sure that you maintain the same weight. For heavier fixture, you need to make special arrangements.

Maximum wattage that your fixture can use

All the lights are available in different wattages, as per the intensity of light needed at certain location. So, while choosing your light, you must know what wattage will be the right choice.

Also, you must consider the ratings of wiring to ensure that they can sustain the required wattage.  

Voltage needed

In the USA, most of the supply voltages are usually 110 V, while in many other countries it is 220 V. Besides, there are lights available of low voltage like 12 V too, for which you need to use a step-down transformer.

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