Have you heard about CBD isolates? Do you know about their benefits? CBD isolates are versatile and unique types of cannabinoid product which is perfect for people who are seeking a natural balancing effect offered by CBD.

Often CBD isolate powders are also known as CBD crystalline, which is considered as the most potent CBD available in the CBD Marketplace.

That means CBD isolates will deliver very high CBD levels to our body’s native systems for maximizing the natural effects of pure CBD powder.

What CBD Isolate is?

This is one type of CBD that provides the purest form, which is typically available in fine white powder form that contains 99% CBD.

As we know, CBD is a chemical compound which is found in the cannabis plants like hemp. Typically, it is extracted from cannabis plant as CBD oil form.

The CBD oil will be full-spectrum hemp oil as it is extracted, which means it will contain all other nutrients and compounds naturally found in hemp plant which is great CBD source.

Usually, CBD isolates start as full-spectrum hemp oil. After that, the entire natural compounds of the plant except for CBD will be removed, leaving just CBD as pure crystalline powder

cbd isolate powders

How to make use of CBD isolate?

Many of you may not be aware of what you can do with a pile of totally odorless powder of CBD isolate at first, but there are many ways of consuming CBD isolate. Following are few of common ways:

  1. Sublingual

If you prefer sublingually taking CBD isolate then you may apply directly the CBD powder under the tongue and then hold it for about sixty seconds.

By this method, CBD will be absorbed by your mucous membranes and directly delivered to your bloodstream, bypassing your liver and digestive system to provide effective and immediate relief.

2. Create custom topicals

You may also mix this CBD isolate with any carrier oil, like medium-chain triglyceride oil/olive oil, for making CBD oil of your own. You can enjoy convenience of few more conventional types of CBD products and also maintaining control on CBD dosage.

You can mix CBD isolate for topicals, with your skin oils and then apply homemade concoction to your skin area where you like to treat.

3. Ingestion

CBD crystalline are measured out and then put into pills or capsules, allowing ingesting an accurate dosage.

Also, you can mix CBD isolate along with variety of ingredients for creating CBD-infused drinks and foods. However, since CBD cannot be absorbed very well with our gastrointestinal tract, as it has very low oral bioavailability.

To increase its bioavailability, CBD isolates are added with carrier oils, e.g. MCT oil, in order to enhance its likelihood of permeating gastrointestinal system as well as reaching the bloodstream.

4. Inhalation

In order to create homemade concentrates of CBD, you can mix CBD isolate together with terpenes, which can then be dabbed or vaped. These isolates can be made into a crystal slab too, which can be dabbed by using a traditional oil rig.

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