Chillum is a very common device in the form of smoking pipe, which is often used for smoking cannabis and even tobacco products. They are also known as “hand pipe.” 

Any traditional chillum you can find is in the shape of pipe/tube, which is hollow inside. Most of the chillums that you can see today are tube-shaped, but few chillums also have stylized or encased, e.g. Monkey Pipe which almost looks like pocket knife. 

You can easily find such chillums in any head shop in the neighborhood.

History of Chillum

As far as history of the chillum is concerned, it originated in India during the 18th century, however this claim is often hotly debated as few evidences were found in many other parts of the world too.

During earlier periods, smoking with pipes was considered to be a religious practice in few cultures. People used to smoke various things by using chillum like pipes for certain religious ceremony and not for pleasure.

Even in early America, smoking by using pipe or tube-style were part of culture among early Native Americans. They fashioned these smoking pipes made out of many different types of materials which includes:

  • Reeds
  • Wood
  • Clay
  • Corn cobs
  • Animal antlers

When European settlers came to America, they started using these pipes for smoking that was not part of any religious activity, but social and recreational activity.

As technologies started progressing, more new resources became available, and people started manufacturing smoking pipes which were made from many other materials like metal and glass. 

The shape and design of chillum evolved throughout these years, and eventually it has taken a device in the shape of pipe/tube to take few other forms. Few notable evolutions that we know are Sherlock pipes and spoon pipes, etc. 

Also, cigars and cigarettes became popular due to their sheer convenience. However, recently the pipe has again made their comeback. 

These pipes are still made from much different material, but wood and glass are very popular in the present contemporary culture. 

Pipes are often found to be cheaper than most other devices, especially bongs and any dab rigs. They too are sleeker and smaller but bong cannot be stick in your pocket, however pipes can be easily slide into the pocket. 

Types of chillums

Though chillums are now available in the form of basic tubes, and they are available in many different styles and types which include:

  1. One-hitter

This type of pipe looks almost the same like regular chillum, but they are smaller in length and also in diameter, as they are actually designed for delivering just single hit. 

  2. Dugout pipes

This dugout pipe is discreet and small system for packing one-hitter and it was probably invented by smoker who did not want to carry his pipe and also his product separately. 

Hence, he designed something convenient little one to carry case for both.

  3. Monkey type

This is also called as “Fisherman’s Friend,” and Monkey Pipe is just one brand name for this style of chillum which was invented during the 90s. It is the ideal pipe for traveler because it is small, discreet and compact.